Amish Acres 60th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival

Posted by Jim Komara on

We're sorry to let you know we will not be attending the festival at Amish Acres this year. After having set up there for over 10 years in a row and meeting lots of wonderful people this is a sad update to write. We remain optimistic about the future and our customers in Indiana have been very supportive, but inflation has taken a heavy toll on the costs for us to do long distance shows.

If you live in Indiana and are on our email list, we will be sending out special coupons for our online store. If you aren’t sure you’re on the list or want to join, you can sign up on our website at the bottom right of any page or email us at

We will also be looking for a retailer in the Nappanee area to work with so you will be able to find our products locally and for those customers who do not use computers.

We hope you have a great show weekend! And wish you the best.

Link to 60th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival

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