Buy 3 Get 1 Free Deal Explained

We love to reward you for buying in bulk to save on shipping and to create a smaller carbon footprint.  When you place any 4 items in your online shopping cart the least expensive item is automatically discounted 100%.  The website continues to do it's magic for every multiple of 4.  If you put 8 items in your cart the 2 least expensive items out of 8 are free, if you place 12 items in your cart the 3 least expensive items are free...

We know this can be confusing, especially when you receive a better deal in person at a show, or when you call and speak to one of us.  Our website is very good at providing multiple discounts but if, for example, you purchase 6 items and the first 4 were similar prices and the last 2 were lip balms the website discounts the 2 lip balms. In person we would have bundled the deal to work in your favor and you would have received 1 of the first 4 more expensive items free and 1 lip balm free.  If you are having this issue complete your online order and send us an email.  We will refund the you the amount of the better deal.

We will be creating bundles of 4 items with this discount already applied to try to help make it more like our customers understand and deserve.  In the meantime if you accidentally only purchase 3 items our shipping department does a pretty good job of catching this and looks at your order to see if we can tell what the 4th item should have been and toss it in for you as a curtesy.  If you realize what happened and want something not on your order please send us a message or call us.  We will 100% take care of you!

So, as a recap...

Buy 3 Get 1 Free is Mix and Match, meaning you don't need to select all the same items to get the deal but the least expensive item is going to be the free item.  Same thing with 8 items, 12 items, the least expensive items out of all 4, 8, or 12 will be free.  Obviously the best deals are to keep the same priced items in your order for a maximum 25% discount.  If you want a lip balm (our lip balm is pretty popular) and you have 4 higher valued items in your cart go ahead and create the order including the lip balm. Send us an email letting us know the deal could have been better.  We will take a look and refund you the difference.  No worries!

Also, this deal is stackable and you can still receive the Free Shipping when your order is over $50 as well as any weekly deal that may be available.