Natural Skin Care Products – Our Specialty!

We hand-pick the choicest wild herbs from around the Ohio Valley and combine them with other high quality organic ingredients to create the best natural skin care products on the market. Our Wild’erb Product Line is the ultimate in natural skin care.

We have the highest standards for picking, we process herbs in small batches to insure freshness, and we make our herbal products with careful attention, using our 25+ years of experience in Herbology and Natural Health.

We make herbal skin care products like you would make them!

Dear Friends and Herbal Enthusiasts,

Natural Herbal Skin Care ProductsWild herbs have been used for centuries as a source of nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic benefits. We hand-pick the choicest wild herbs from the woods and meadows in the Ohio Valley and combine them with other high quality ingredients to create our Wild’erb™  natural skin care products. By paying careful attention to centuries of time-honored wisdom, coupled with the latest research, we hand craft each product to ensure optimal results.

Please stay a moment and learn about our many natural skin care products which might benefit you and your family.  Thanks for visiting!

  • Just wanted to let you know, I love your Lip Balm. My lips rarely get chapped in the winter now, Thank you! ~ Shanna K. – Newcastle, DE

    Wild’erb Lip Balm

  • My husband just loves the deodorant. It does not cause itching at all. ~ Cindy B., North Royalton, OH.

    Wild’erb Deodorant

  • Thank you so much for the promptness of getting my order to me. I was completely out of the Salve which I use on my feet and heels. This is the greatest product I have found to keep my heels from being rough. ~ Karen G., Proctorville, OH

    Wild’erb Salve

  • I purchased your Salve and I was skeptical. But after using your product I cannot tell you how great it as been. I will definitely be a lifetime customer. ~ Steve W., Cleveland, OH

    Wild’erb Salve

  • I was so pleased with the results of my first jar of the Wild’erb™ Body Cream! I use it every morning and again before retiring. I found the results far superior to other I have tried and best of all, no burning or skin irritation. Thanks for a great product! ~ Joan D., Warren, OH

    Wild’erb Body Cream

  • We picked up a bottle of Wild’erb™ Shampoo and a bottle of the Wild’erb™ Body Cream at a fair in Nappanee this summer and both are getting rave reviews. Thanks! ~ Nancy C., Nappanee, IN

    Wild’erb Shampoo

  • I purchased a bar of your Wild’erb™ Soap. The soap did last just shy of 6 weeks with pretty much everyday shower use by one person, me!! It was a great daily experience: the texture of the Soap and that great aroma…nature at its best. ~ Craig W., Charleston, WV

    Wild’erb Soap

  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know, I saw you at the Amish Art Fair in Nappanee, IN and bought the Wild’erb™ Sampler at that time. I gave a couple of the items to my son & kept the rest. I really like the Wild’erb™ Ointment! Just ordered some more. Hope to see you next summer if you are there again. ~ Barb B., Nappanee, IN

    Wild’erb Ointment

  • Hi! Met you at the Appalachian Festival and bought a sample of your face cream! Wow do I ever like it…I actually see a difference in my skin…..I love it….how do I get more and when will it become available? Thanks. ~ Linda N., Cincinnati, OH

    Wild’erb Face Cream

  • I was promoting the Wild’erb™ Body Oil to another massage therapist. I LOVE the oil for my massage work. ~ Mary Jo D., Ligonier, PA

    Wild’erb Body Oil

  • Your Body Oil reminds me of great hikes in the woods of Ohio! ~ Sandra R., Carmel, CA

    Wild’erb Body Oil