About Us

Although many of you already know us as The Wild Herb Company, many others and especially those that go way back, know us as Ohio Valley Herbal Products, the manufacturer’s name. The Wild Herb Company has its roots trailing all the way back to 1984 in Homer, Alaska. Our founder Marina Schaum, had the good fortune to meet an author/herbalist researching the edible, medicinal, and cosmetic uses of the indigenous plants of Alaska. Marina spent much of her time trekking through the woods, bogs and coastlines of Alaska, learning the identities and properties of the native herbs and other plant life. She learned to develop seasoning blends, teas, creams, lotions, lip balms, salves, liniments, oils, bath salts/herb blends, sinus steams, and a host of other products that naturally promoted optimum health. After much experimentation and collaboration, Canyon Wildcrafts was born, featuring HerbAlaska as its product line. The company and its product line grew and was moved to Ohio – this time using the abundant plant life of the Ohio Valley.

As part of Marina’s transition to retirement we have formed a new company using the same formulas, and named it to match the label, The Wild Herb Company.  Our dedicated mentors and staff members continue to create the purest, most natural, highest quality skincare line – Wild ‘erb™. Our products can be found in a myriad of locations, including stores (see the “Locations” section on our site), craft shows in OH, PA, WV, MI, KY, MD, and IN(see the “Shows” section), and of course they may also be ordered on our website. By visiting our booth at any of the craft shows we participate in, you can experience a one-on-one “consultation” to determine which products would be most beneficial to your unique interests. We also love your personal input, whether it be testimonials or suggestions! Your feedback is vital; we constantly strive to create/improve our products to best serve you.

The Wild Herb Company’s offerings don’t stop at nourishing, natural skincare – we embrace a holistic approach to everything! You will find a host of material to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

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