Wild'erb™ Conditioning Shampoo

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ade with a tea water extract of the Wild’erb™ Skin Care Herb Blend, this moisturizing formula beautifies the hair and promotes a healthy scalp. With its mild, coconut and plant-based surfactants and five silky conditioning agents, the Wild’erb™ Conditioning Shampoo lathers well. Concentrated, effective and gentle with a fresh, clean scent.   Works well for all hair and skin types including people with sensitivities to the harsh chemicals found in other cleansing products.

Scent Descriptions:

Original Fragrance Oil: Our signature scent that has been a customer favorite for the past 30 years.  This is the scent found in the majority of our products.  

Clary Sage EO Blend: Essential oil blend with Clary Sage, Lavender and Cedarwood.

Lemongrass EO:

Relaxing EO Blend: It's hard to get a blend of essential oils to smell so amazing together but this combination seems so perfect.  Lavender, Tangerine, Rose and Orange Oil.

Rosemary Mint EO Blend: Essential oil blend of Rosemary and Peppermint.

Serenity EO Blend: This essential oil blend is similar to the Relaxing blend but it's brighter and sweeter with just a hint of floral spice.  Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemon, and Lime.

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