Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil, Fragrance Free, what's up with all these choices?

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Wild'erb™ has been formulating herbal personal care products for over 30 years and the Original scented products contain our signature blend of 11 different skin safe fragrance oils.  We have been using the same company to purchase our Premium grade fragrance oils for all those years.  We also use less than 1% of the fragrance blend in any formula so it's a very light and fresh scent.

When Marina Schaum (the original founder) retired in 2019 and Beth became the new formulator she brought with her the knowledge of essential oils.  Having worked in a Naturopathic Physicians office for several years she had the opportunity to meet people who have sensitivities to aromas and people fighting cancers and auto immune conditions looking to avoid toxins and impurities.  For this reason, we have been offering our products with multiple scent choices and have updated our preservative systems to be 100% natural using ingredients like fermented radish root and elderberry extracts. 

When shopping on our website you will notice that several of our products ask you to select a scent from the drop-down menu.  The Original scent would be our signature fragrance oil blend which we keep available for our longtime customers that want the same reliable product.  You will notice on the product page there is a list of all the fragrance oil and essential oil options.  The essential oil blends and the specific oils in the blends can all be found in the description for each product.  Most products come in fragrance free as well which contain no added scents and would smell like the botanical oils and butters that were used. 

For example, the Body Oil, it’s made with 24 organic and wildcraft herbs and is available in our Original premium fragrance oil blend as well as several essential oils blends that contain 100% therapeutic grade botanical extracts like lavender, patchouli, sandalwood and then finally the Fragrance-Free option which contains nothing added. 

We are unique in our process of making herbal products and our “clean” integrity means everything to us.  Being a small woman owned business with less than a handful of employees, we still take the time to make our products fresh by hand mixing in 62 oz glass dishes.  They are hand poured, hand labeled and batched, and that gives us the ability to customize.  We are proud to be able to continue this tradition in herbal techniques and are excited when we hear that our clients are well educated and take a vested interest in living a healthy lifestyle.

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